What you need to know about boarding your pet

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We offer complete boarding services with provide onsite medical care and supervision by licensed veterinarians and technicians.

Our Facility

Our boarding facility is indoors and climate controlled. We have separate areas for dogs, cats and small dogs; and also offer a large "King Size Run". Fees are based on weight and are charged per night.

What We Provide

1) Food - We feed a sensitive stomach diet to all of our boarding pets to help reduce GI issues sometimes associated with separation anxiety. If your pet has a special diet, you are welcome to bring it with them. There is no additional charge to feed a special diet.
2) Food & water bowls - we exchange these daily, or more often if needed, with sanitized bowls.
3) Safety leashes - You may take your leash and collar with you or pick them up when returned. All collars are removed from pets before placing them in kennels and cages for safety reasons.
4) Exercise - All dogs are given 2 daily walks outdoors.
5) Sanitary pads and bedding - We are unable to effectively launder most pet bedding. Instead of sending home bedding that may get soiled or chewed, we recommend usuing our blankets, bedding, and sanitary pads which we can monitor and change throughout the day as often as needed.
6) Senior Care - Special bedding and dishes are provided for pets that suffer from painful arthritis and joint issues.
7) Flea Control - To maintain a flea free clinic, your pet will be treated with a flea medication upon admission to the hospital at no additional chare to you. This is a safe oral tablet given to your pet before they are placed in the kennel. It will not harm your pet if they are current on flea prevention medication but ensures fleas are not transported into our facility by any pets.
8) TLC - All of our guests receive affection and care as well as the dedicated observation of a qualified staff.

What is required for my pet to board?

Your pet must be current on Rabies and annual vaccinations, as well as a bordetella vaccine within the last six months. These vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. If records are not provided, we will update the necessary vaccines at the owner's expense. Any pet found to have a parasite infestation will also be treated at the owner's expense.

Additional services offered

1) Play time sessions - Additional one on one play sessions are available upon request for a minimum charge of $5.00 per session. We do not schedule these sessions on Sundays, holiday weekends or during inclement weather.
2) Sunday Pick-up - We realize many pet owners are eager to return home and be reunited with their pets before the week begins. Sunday pick-ups are offered between 4:00 and 5:00 pm and must be scheduled in advance. There is no boarding drop off available during this time. Sunday pick-ups are charged for Sunday as well.
3) Grooming, bathing and other services such as nail trims and having anal glands expressed. Bring your pet home smelling wonderful and feeling refreshed.
4) Exams, vaccinations, lab work, and surgeries may also be scheduled during your pet's stay.

Call us today to make your pets boarding reservations and for current rates!

Click here to view print our boarding agreement
*Filling this out in advance will save you time at check in